1. Choose your desired dummy ticket.

Provide us with your info and travel plans: Your name, desired date of travel, departing, arrival airport and your email.

For example: If you want a dummy ticket from Singapore to Manila on March 27th of 2021, please fill out with those details.

You can choose One-way or Round-trip, if you choose Round-trip, the return date field will show up.


Travelers: If you’re ordering for 2 or more people, choose this field accordingly. The fields for second travelers will show up to fill out. For example you need a dummy ticket for 2 travelers.

Receive Later: You can choose to receive it now or on a later date of your choosing.



2. Pay.

After filling out the form, our system will redirect you for the payment. Pay using PayPal or all major credit cards without creating a PayPal account.



3. Receive your dummy ticket

Once payment has been made, the dummy ticket will be sent to you as a PDF attachment via email within 10 – 60 minutes during our opening hours. We work from Monday to Sunday, 7AM – 11:30PM GMT/UTC +8. Bookings beyond this time can take anywhere between 2 to 6 hours to deliver your ticket. All tickets come with a PNR code(Passenger Name Record) which verifiable on the airline’s website. Your dummy ticket is valid for at least 48 hours and up to 2 weeks.